Monday, April 12, 2010

Mythic Trip: Combat and Careers

In part one we spoke to the content development team.  Next up we met with the combat, career and itemization developers.  We had a lot of questions for these guys and they were happy to answer.  Continue on for the questions from folks who twittered me and the answers.

All of the following answers are paraphrased by me, so do not read into them.

Q: Will city scenarios make a comeback?

A: No plans for that at this time. (This is one I missed from Part 1)

Q: Any plans to make door repair wood stack?

A: They are looking into fixing that issue.

Q: Are there any new lints coming?

A: No plans for new lints in the near future.  They are not planning on having every combination available.

Q: Any plans to change KotBS/Chosen resistance aura's?

A: No plans to make adjustments in 1.3.5, but they do feel that these abilities are too powerful.

Q: How do you guys feel about The Engineer's rifle tree?

A: Paul Barnett joined us for a few minutes and possibly stole a cookie.  The devs do feel it could use a little help (as does the related Magus tree) but no time-frame was given.

Q: What are your feelings on the current Time to Kill (TTK)?

A: The developers feel that it is too quick at this time.

Q: Any plans on changing Exhaustive Strikes or Subvert Strength?

A: Exhaustive Strikes is being toned down in 1.3.5. Subvert Strength is not being changed.

Q: Any plans for a snare immunity?

A: Not at this time. Snares do not deny the player using abilities like other forms of CC do.

Q: Will stealth breaking too often be looked at?

A: They are aware of the issue and looking into fixing it.

Q: Will Flak Jacket/Daemonic Armor be improved?

A: These abilities are ones that the developers feel should be improved, no time frame given.

Be sure to stop by Gaarawarr, Shadow WAR and Mykiel for answers to their questions.

Thanks to Nate, Steven and Sean for taking the time to answer our questions. Also, thanks to all who submitted questions. Part 3, starring Carrie Gouskos, should be up in a couple days.