Friday, April 16, 2010

News from the Front 4/16

After taking a little vacation last week, the News from the Front has returned!  It has been a great two weeks.  A few of us bloggers visited to Mythic HQ and had a wonderful time.  This week, Mythic released the details on the new city siege system and it has been met with mostly positive responses.  Continue on for a look at what the WAR community has been up to!


  • They posted the details for the new RvR driven city siege!  I'm very excited to see this in action.
  • The mechanics of auto-attack haste will be changed a bit in 1.3.5.  Great change as certain classes were getting pretty crazy.
Mythic Trip
New Blogs
  • One Shard takes some time to go over some of the positive aspects of WAR.  Nice read considering the last week or so Mythic has had.
  • Fight on the Flag sings to an Orc. Is this the Enchantment under the Sea dance?
  • Someone managed to get a screenshot of the new city siege in action
  • WARgames is glad to see the new city siege, as the old one was not very fun.  I happen to agree, Stage 2 was not my idea of a good time.
  • Blurring Shock wants to see some tanking stats on the scoreboard.  Me too!  It has been asked before and they've said it is a lot more work than it seems.  
  • The Back Seat Dev wants to start up a 6 vs 6 tournament .
  • Zizlak likes the city changes but is worried about bugs.  There is no aggro for the npc's, so hopefully that will lessen the risk of bugs. 
  • Erbse is quite happy about the new auto-attack haste changes. 
  • Shadow WAR, an evil scientist, is working on a new experiment.