Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Returning to WAR: World RvR

In last weeks Returning to WAR we looked at some of the changes combat has seen.  This week it is time to take a look at World (open) RvR.  It has undergone quite a few changes since launch.  With the new city siege system in 1.3.5, I expect to see a ton of world RvR.  Read on for what you need to know.

WAR Report.  The WAR Report gives you an overview of what is happening in each tier.  Next to your mini-map, you should see a small piece of paper, when used it will bring of the report.  It will give information such as any keep under attack, where there are a lot of players and even which PQ is popular at the moment.

Another benefit of the WAR report is you can get a free trip to the nearest warcamp once every 8 hours.  With Gyro-copter fuel costs being what they are, saving the silver is nice.  Be sure to check out the WAR Report (which comes with the client), it will get you to the action faster.

Fight Finder.  Before the WAR Report, I made this add-on.  It will basically monitors hot spots, which occur when several players fight.  These can range from small to large and will appear as a symbol on the map.  I really wanted a way to know when these occur without searching through the maps.  This add-on will notify you of hot spots and keep attacks using the RvR chat filter.

Keep Indicators.  On your map, you may see a bunch of stars underneath keep icons.  These stars represent the difficulty of attacking or defending a keep from your perspective.  If an enemy keep has 1 star, it should not be very challenging to take.  If your keep is under attack and has 5 stars, it will be a very difficult keep defense.

The more stars, the better the rewards for attacking and defending the keep.  Since forts are no longer in the campaign, Conqueror gear can be obtained by winning these difficult keeps.  In addition to better gear, more PQ bags will be available from keeps with more stars.

Field of Glory.  In an effort to improve world RvR rewards, Mythic added the Field of Glory buff to keeps and battlefield objectives.  When fighting near them, you will get a significant boost in the amount of renown and xp earned.  

There is a lot more to talk about, so this article will have a more few parts. Come back next week for sequel, The Search for more Rewards.  Ok, so that won't be the title, but Spaceballs is awesome.