Monday, April 19, 2010

Mythic Trip: Conclusion... or is it?

Like all good things, our trip to Mythic had to come to an end.  We were lucky enough to speak with a number of Mythic developers, all of whom I'd like to thank for their time.  It was also great to meet my fellow bloggers, even if there was some singing involved.  There is one bit of news and a mystery that I have not mentioned yet...

Mythic has always been very good to its blogging community, as this trip is evidence of. They even want to make having bloggers down a more regular occurrence, perhaps once or twice a year!  There are no specifics yet, but all in due time.

During our tour of the office, we got to see nearly everyone.  There was one group of WAR developers that we couldn't talk with or even see what they were up to.  Who knows what they were working on?  It must be something good though :)

I was not sure what to expect during the tour of the Mythic offices, as I have never been inside a game studio before.  It is a pretty standard office, but with awesome decorations.  There was cool stuff everywhere.

One stop on the trip was the EA Store.  Yes, there is a game store in their office.  The best part is the EA games were sold at a discount!  I picked up Battlefield Bad Company 2 for $20 :)  Now I just need some time to play it.  There was also a nice WAR shirt which I had to have too.

Speaking of stuff, I have quite a few prizes to give away, including item codes, Collectors Editions and posters.  Stay tuned, in the next few weeks I'll start some contests to give them out.  First, I need to think of some fun contests.

While chatting with various Mythic folks, it became very clear that they are passionate about WAR.  It was suprising how much they actually played the game and knew the happenings on the servers.  While we may never know their in-game identities, they have likely fought with (or against) us on the battlefield.

Thanks to everyone at Mythic who made this possible.  I've been playing and blogging about WAR for almost 2 years now and it was great to see where 'the magic happens.'  Special thanks go out to Andy, who had to deal directly with us bloggers :)