Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vulture Lord Video

Last week, I participated in test of the Vulture Lord dungeon for the upcoming 1.3.5 patch.  The focus of the changes was on the purge mechanic and the 7th boss fight.  I took some video as we tested both, trailer style.  Continue on for the video.

NOTE: Added some notes about last nights city siege testing.

First, a word about last nights city siege testing.  I don't have much to report, as it was the first test and went as you might expect.  Many bugs were discovered, so it was a success.  The siege itself did not go well for our instance due to bugs and other issues.  I don't want to comment on how it all plays out and if it is fun until a later test.  

Back to the ToVL testing...

Overall, it was a fun night of testing.  That was actually the first time I had seen the 7th boss.  I had heard many horror stories about it though.  The revamped encounter seemed pretty solid and polished.  As for the purging, the changes should make it a much less frustrating experience.  Gone are the days of the griefing purge (hopefully).

Head on over to the patch notes and check out the Encounters section for all of the details.