Friday, April 23, 2010

News from the Front 4/23

It's been a fun week as far as WAR goes.  Mythic unleashed the 1.3.5 patch notes upon an unsuspecting world.  While no patch is perfect, it is shaping up to be my favorite one yet.  Hopefully it will makes its way on to the live servers within a few weeks.  The WAR community seems to be pretty happy about it too.


  • The 1.3.5 patch notes are up for all to see.
  • Mythic issues an apology for the recent billing troubles.  Those affected will be getting some sweet in-game items.
  • As part of the apology, all players are getting 100% XP/Renown for 2 weeks.  Now is the time to break out those alts for some fast leveling!