Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mythic Trip: Interview with the Producer

The final person I got to interview for before departing Mythic was the Producer, Carrie Gouskos.  She was able to sit down with us for a while and was more than happy to answer our questions.  Continue on for a few of mine.  Thanks Carrie!

In the interest of time, I am going to paraphrase her points, rather then transcribing it all.  Please keep that in mind.

Q:  In previous Producer Letter's, it was mentioned that you were looking to bring some aspects of the foreign WAR markets back to the US (EU?) version.  Can you elaborate?

  • First and foremost, we are being very careful about only bringing back what is appropriate.  For example, grinding is a popular aspect of some games, which would not work as well in the US market.
  • Another example of something that may not work so well is crafting resulting in the loss of a piece of armor.
  • Some features will be purely optional.  The new character heads/hair are something they want to make available to US players, if they so choose.  Don't worry, Dwarves have not been altered. 
  • Economic improvements are an aspect they would like to use in the US market.  It doesn't mean gold specifically, but more how players interact with each other.  More BoE items and Auction House improvements are an example of what they'd like to add.
  • Money sinks are also an area they want to be careful with.  There may be some added in the future, but they do want to grandfather players in where possible.
Q:   The last Producer's letter didn't give use any new information on 1.3.6.  When will we be able to find out more?
  • The April Producer's Letter, which is due out near the end of the month, should have some more details.
Q:  1.3.4 was about scenario weapons, 1.3.5 is about sieges, is there a general theme to 1.3.6?
  • All she could divulge is that it may have something to do with items.