Thursday, April 22, 2010

Whoa! 1.3.5 Patch Notes

That's a Joey Lawrence whoa, not a Matrix.  Last night, Mythic unveiled the patch notes for 1.3.5.  We already knew what to expect, or that's what we thought.  What we got was a mountain of improvements.  I am very excited about this patch!

There is, of course, a thread on the official forums discussing the patch notes.  I will save you some time and summarize it for you: "me me me me me me me me me me me me me me."  If you are feeling especially masochistic today, go check it out.

So why am I so excited about 1.3.5?

City Siege.  We've known about the new city siege for a while, but it is almost here!

Vault Space.  Players can now purchase more bank space.  As a cultivator, this is great news.

AFK Changes.  They have made some adjustments to reduce the amount of scenario AFKers, hopefully they help.

Class Balance.  Rune Priests and Zealots got a healing buff.  Sorc's and BW's were brought down a notch.  The changes for most other classes were slim.  This is exactly how they should do it, make a few changes then see how it plays out. 

Engineer Changes.  Electromagnet, Friction Burn and Spanner Swipe will now be based on the Ballistic stat.  This should mean the return of the Tinkerer Engineer! Also, Spanner Swipe does not need a target to be hexed anymore.

City Services.  Career trainers and merchants will now only be found in your capital city.  Seems like an effort to bring more players in to the city. Always nice to see a lot of players. 

Tomb of the Vulture Lord.  Several boss encounters were adjusted or fixed.  Should be great news for PvE players.

Purges.  The ToVL purge mechanic has been changed, should be a lot less frustrating to invade and be invaded.

Crests.  Current crests will be exchanged for an Ancient crest, worth 5 of the original.  Going forward, there will be a 1:1 downward conversion process.  This is also great news!  It should allow Mythic to add items to buy at every crest level rather than just Royal.

RvR Talismans.  Two new types of talismans are available from medallion merchants:  AP reduction and speed.  Very excited to have something else to spend RvR tokens on.

BoE PQ Rewards.  Items from Public Quest bags (PvE chapters, up to purple) will now be BoE. This will probably help out leveling characters and provide more options.

Armor Requirements.  It seems the class restrictions for many armor items have been removed.  I'm not quite sure what this means yet, could be interesting. 

Odjira.  Speed proc talismans from the Land of the Dead will now end if an ability is used.  Glad to see this change, it should still be useful as an escape tool though.

New Sounds.  New sounds have been added for when you receive mail and tell's.  I often miss them, so a sound should help quite a bit.  

There is still so much more in the patch notes.  If you are at work and being blocked, Bootae has posted the full notes on his blog.

The PTS is up and running, so be sure to check out the changes for yourself and give Mythic feedback.  Not sure how to get on the PTS? Check out this post.