Thursday, February 18, 2010

PTS Event Tonight 1.3.4

The second part (first part) of the WAR's patch 1.3.4 starts tonight at 8pm EST.  Players will be able to check out the new scenario structure and the brand new 6 vs 6 scenario: The Ironclad.   I'm actually pretty excited about tonight's test.  The new scenario has a lot of potential for small group play. 

"Werit, how do I get on the PTS (Public Test Server)?"  I'm glad you asked, it's easy.  First, open up explorer (not IE) and go to your Warhammer Online directory.  You should see an executable called testpatch.  Once you run that, the launcher will pop up and then restart.  Now log in in normally.

You will likely not have any characters on the Warpstone server so you'll have to create one.  The good news is you can make a RR80 template for any class in the game (Destruction or Order).  That's pretty much all there is to it.  When you want to log back into the live servers, just do so as normal.  The launcher will restart again and you'll be all set.