Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't know what you got, till it's gone

The announcement that a majority of scenarios would be moved to weekend events caused quite a stir in the WAR community.  They have since went back to the whiteboard and we should know their new plan soon.  I found the reaction to this proposed change to be quite interesting.

In the WAR community you would be hard pressed to find many positive opinions about WAR's scenarios.  You would likely find a lot of complaining about some of the less fun scenarios.  This is a problem with all MMO's.  For the most part, people only share their negative opinions.

I'm guilty of this too, in hundreds of blog postings I'm not sure I ever praised WAR's scenario variety.  It wasn't until they talked about taking it away that I voiced how much I enjoy them.  The same goes for a large part of the WAR community.

When Mythic introduced scenario based events, a good amount of players gushed how much they like playing the old ones (i.e. Nordenwatch) again.  Considering that the positive feedback for those was far more than they got for the current scenario setup, is it really surprising that they wanted to give us more?

While it turned out not to be Mythic's best idea, it isn't entirely their fault.  We (me included) really should try to give both positive and negative feedback about the games we play.