Thursday, February 4, 2010

Insignia Details

Yesterday in the PTS Q&A session, we found out some more about how the new scenario weapon system will work.  One major question still remained.  How will we obtain the high level insignias?   The answer will certainly please some and frustrate others.

We saw yesterday that the advanced 'scenario' weapons are obtained with emblems and insignias.  Winning a scenario ( also city sieges and keep warfare )  will net you some insignias.  Which insignias you recieve is determined by which type you have unlocked.

Unlike crests, insignias use a ladder system.  Everyone (in Tier 4 I assume) starts with the ability to get Conqueror insignias.  Once you purchase a Conqueror level weapon, you will unlock the Invader insignias.  From that point on, all insignias you receive will be Invader.  Insignias can be broken down, so you can still get multiple weapons from the lower tiers.

I think this system is actually a good way to go.  I am biased since the Conqueror level weapons will actually be an improvement over my influence weapon.  Of course, I am getting on the ladder at the bottom rung.  Players with advanced weapons may not be nearly as pleased with the system.  They have to work their way through the lower levels so they can unlock useful Insignias.

I don't think there was a perfect way for them to give out the high ranking insignias.  Treating them like their crest cousins would be a mistake.  How many players have gotten Warlord crests much less Royal?  With the ladder system, you can eventually get Royal insignias by doing a lot of different activities.