Friday, February 5, 2010

News from the Front 2/5

It's been quite a week for WAR.  The patch notes for 1.3.4 were released which caused some rejoicing and a lot of uproar.  A stress test event was held on the PTS server which was followed by a Q&A.  I hope to have a video of the event out early next week.  So what was going on in the rest of the WAR community?


  • Grimnir is none too pleased with the scenario cuts.  He has the pictures to prove it. 
  • Shadow WAR gives his take on 1.3.4.  He is also not a fan of the scenario changes. 
  • WAR Bureau takes a look at the new Destruction weapons
  • Bootae is also not a fan of the scenario changes.  Hmm, I see a pattern here. 
  • Blaze has some thoughts on the new scenario currency.  He does bring up a good point about the cost. 
  • Was Tor Anroc really as fun as you remember?  I think so, of course I had a knockback :)
  • Mr. Meh gives 1.3.4 a meh.  He also does not think much of the scenario changes. 
  • Gaarawar shows off some of the RR 75 weapons
  • Fight on the Flag fights in Chaos Wastes... and is also not a fan of the scenario changes. 
  • Mykiel breaks out his Shadow Warrior and makes it look fun. 
  • A look at one the the early Order Public Quests. 
  • City siege video from Karak-Azgal.  Death metal warning, adjust speakers as needed.  It is actually a 4 part series.  
  • A 1080p look at a keep siege video.  Death metal warning on this one too. 
  • Pax Mortis takes on Destruction in Altdorf.  Nice to see another Engineer!