Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to the whiteboard

Last week, Mythic announced plans to alter its scenario structure by moving a majority of them to weekend events.  This was not received well in the WAR community.  In response, Andy let us know that they heard us and are going to try and address our concerns.  What should Mythic do?

First, I think it is important to understand why players want some of the scenarios removed.  The less popular scenarios tend to be the ones which involve the least amount of fighting.  Stonetroll Crossing is a good example, as it involves a lot of running around.  If you're not killing players you're not getting all the XP and Renown you could be.

The core scenarios that Mythic chose for 1.3.4 ( Nordenwatch, Gates of Ekrund, Mourkain Temple ...) all involve a lot of fighting.  The downside is that they often don't involve much in the way of tactics.   During previous weekend events, players were excited to play some of these scenarios again.  I think if they are the core scenarios on every tier, they will get old very fast.

Scenarios like Phoenix Gate and Khaine's Embrace could be a lot more fun in 1.3.4 since there will actually be a good reward for completing the objectives and winning (Emblems and Insignias).  The scenario weapon system may actually encourage players to work together instead of just trying to get player kills.  I wouldn't mind seeing the scenario restructuring pushed back to 1.3.5 to take this into account. 

I'm glad Mythic is not forging ahead with cutting 75% of the scenarios.  Variety is one of WAR's strengths and I hope they keep that in mind.  Weekend Events sound great and I think they would be even better with a smaller scenario rotation.