Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weapons of 1.3.4

One of the more exciting features of the 1.3.4 patch for Warhammer Online is new RvR weapons.  Mythic really went all out with these weapons so there should be something for almost everyone.  I put together a quick breakdown of what you can expect with the new gear.

Originally, I was going to put together screenshots of all the new weapons tooltips.  That idea quickly went out the window because there are just too many.  I'm talking about several hundred new weapons for each realm.  The lowest start at RR 10 and the highest go up to RR 75.  There are multiple choices for each class at many different renown ranks. 

If you are want to check out the tool-tips for the Royal level weapons, Blaze has them for Order and the WAR Bureau has them for Destruction.  Gaarawar took some screenshots of the models and they look pretty cool. 

So where do these weapons fit in the scheme of things?  The table below is based off of DPS values from 1h weapons.  This does not reflect that stats that the items give, so it is really just an estimate.

51 dps - Officer Emblems
53 dps - Influence Weapons, proc
56 dps - Conqueror Insignias (RR 45)
60 dps - Lost Vale
61 dps - Invader Insignias   (RR 55)
65 dps - Warlord Insignias (RR 65)
66 dps - Tomb of the Vulture Lord
66 dps - Warlord PQ (city)
70 dps - Royal Insignias (RR 75)
70 dps - King Encounter (RR 80), proc

How many emblems/Insignias will these new weapons cost you?  On PTS, you can expect to pay several hundred emblems and Insignias for a weapon.  These values are subject to change though just as Medallion costs have been altered.

On PTS last night, winning a scenario got you a few Conqueror Insignias depending on the score.  I'm not sure how you get the Invader (and greater) Insignias yet.  We should find that out tonight.