Monday, February 15, 2010

The Saga Continues

That's right, the WAR scenario saga is not over yet.  Late last week, Andy (from Mythic) posted their new approach to the scenario restructure.  Many players, including myself, were upset about how many scenarios were being moved to the Weekend Warfront list.  Did Mythic address our worries?

Mythic came back with the following structure:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Gates of Ekrund Mourkain Temple Tor Anroc Serpent's Passage
Nordenwatch Nordenwatch Nordenwatch Nordenwatch
Weekend Warfront Reikland Factory Reikland Factory Reikland Factory
Weekend Warfront Lost Temple of Isha Lost Temple of Isha
Weekend Warfront Caledor Woods
Battle For Praag
Weekend Warfront

I am much more pleased with this new setup.  In the original list, Ekrund and Nordenwatch were carried through every tier.  Now, only Nordenwatch is in every tier.  Each tier (above 1), also features a scenario that is not carried through to tier 4.

Variety was my primary concern as I like to play alts.  With this new setup, each tier will have its own feel.  Add in the Weekend Warfront scenarios and it meets my variety requirement. While opinions differ about which scenarios should be present, I think most would agree that the remaining scenarios are some of the best.

I still have some concerns about the overall scenario changes.  Will the campaign feel too simple now that scenarios are no longer tied to zones?  Will the matchmaker do a good enough job spreading players out over the scenarios since they are all active?