Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Challenge Accepted

Last week, Bootae issued a challenge to WAR bloggers.  He asked, "If we were Mythic, what would we do for 2010?"  It is a good question and every so often a little armchair game design is fun.  Who knows how feasible any of this really is though.  So, what would I do?

First, an assumption.  We already have an idea what the 1.3.5 patch will look like.  My guess is we will see it late March/early April, so we will work from that point.  1.3.5 is a critical patch which may solve one of the biggest complaints against WAR, City Sieges.  If successful, it should free up the staff to work on new content.

Spring.  First up, I would throw everything I could on the existing token vendors.  Crafting materials, PvE weapons, siege weapons, mounts and everything else.  Give players something to do with those officer medallions.  It would also let players get everything without being forced to PvE.

If The Ironclad (6 vs 6) scenario works out, I would also add a second 6 vs 6 scenario.  Bug fixing happens every patch, but I would make a special effort to ensure every ability and tactic works as described.

Summer.  Time for a new Live Expansion (i.e. Land of the Dead).  The key features would be:  Raise the Renown Rank cap, raise the Guild Rank cap and a new zone.  The zone would be as large as 4 LotD's and in a square.

The goal of this new zone is to give Guilds something to own and fight over.  Think of it as something similar to Eve's null-sec space.  Objectives would range from small camps to large keeps, giving guilds of all sizes something to own.  Rewards would be for individual guilds only, to discourage zergs. 

Fall/Winter.  My goal here would be to expand the game horizontally by adding a new race to each faction.  One of WAR's strength is the class variety, so lets build on that.  I think Ogre's and Beastmen would be fun and a new class or two would be great around this time of year.

That is what I would do if I was Mythic.  I don't think any of it is too far fetched either.  It's hard to tell if players would like a plan like that, as we can be a bit fickle.  I'm hoping Mythic has it's own plan, which I would love to see.