Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A vision of WAR

Yesterday I was talking with a few other fans of WAR on twitter.  The conversation brought up an old idea about a way to improve the game.  Any idea must pass the "time and resources test" especially since Mythic had some layoffs.  I think this idea is would be good for WAR and could be feasible.

The idea can really be boiled down to one sentence:

Every item of value which drops should also be purchasable with RvR tokens.  

For example, all of the loot in the Lost Vale dungeon should also be on a RvR vendor.  Same goes for all of the other PvE content in the game, including the Tomb of the Vulture Lord. The drops would remain the same, but with the addition of them on the vendor you never have to PvE if you don't want to.

This would also apply to all dropped crafting items like the Hybrid (Blue) seeds.  Charge 50 Invader Crests for them or some other high number.  Want that weapon from Lost Vale?  That will be 1000 Officer Medallions.  I'm just making up numbers, but you get the idea.  Random world drops should also be copied to the player loot tables, like the Sandstorm weapons.

Sure, this idea is a bit selfish since I don't really like PvE.  I don't think I'm alone either.  People play WAR for the RvR, so let them have to option of staying competitive without ever setting foot in PvE.  Giving players options has always been one of WAR's strengths.

This idea also ties into one of WAR's upcoming features, the scenario weapons.  This is where my opinion differs from Grimnir.  Sadly, the new currency is a necessary evil.  Allowing players to pretty much buy all the weapons on day 1 will just 'make the rich richer.' 

Those players likely have better weapons than the more casual types already, but no need to widen the gap so quickly.  This may also be a drawback of the proposed token system I described.  To help, it should be capped at ToVL gear, as players have already been running it.  Putting all of its drops on token vendors won't help them much in the vertical sense.  It will help them out horizontally since they can expand their options.

It will help players like me, who may never set foot in the PvE dungeons.  It will also help alts and most importantly it will add even more options.  Since it requires nothing new (other than some vendors) to be added to the game, hopefully it is feasible as well.