Monday, January 25, 2010

STO My Way

I am starting to get excited for Star Trek Online, which actually starts up this week.  Even though I had beta access, I really did not play much or write about it on this site. The video I posted was as far as I ventured into the game.

Blogs and other media sites have been talking about STO a lot leading up to the launch.  I actually have not read anything more about the game on purpose.  It's not that I don't like my fellow bloggers, it is just that I want to experience the game on my own terms.

I plan on playing STO slowly and on my own.  Although I will still join a fleet. In every Star Trek series (except DS9) the stories were about a single ship out in the unknown.  I don't want to know everything about the game before I even create my first character.

Part of the reason for this is I'm playing STO for the PvE content rather than PvP.  With a game like Warhammer Online I don't care all that much about the stories and such since I mostly PvP.  If you read enough about a game it takes away the purpose of playing it.

During the beta I found that I liked the mechanics and the potential enough to keep my pre-order.  That is all I really need to know about a game to decide to spend money on it.  I may find that STO isn't the game for me after the first month.  Even if that is the case, I'll still feel that I got my monies worth.