Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Going solo in STO

One of Star Trek Online's interesting features is Automatic Teaming.  I guess it could be a cousin of WAR's open group system.  When you enter a mission area (instance) it checks if there are other people doing the same mission and if so, puts you in their group.  The first thing I did was to turn this feature off.

Don't get me wrong, it is a very nice system.  It takes all of the hassle out of grouping.  The mission will also scale in difficulty depending on how many players are present.  It seemed to work well at least in the early missions, so why would I want to disable it?

To disable this feature, go to the Social menu and use the Team Settings tab.

Star Trek is all about a solo ship out in the unknown.  In all of its incarnations the Enterprise spent most of its time alone.  It was only on rare occasions that we saw it work together with another ship. I want to have that isolated feeling when playing.

One of Cryptic's aims is to support a lot of play styles, like going solo.  I have no issues grouping up sometimes, but it should be an event.  I will be joining a fleet, so I don't want to be a total loner.  It is just nice to do things at your own pace.  I have no desire to rush through STO's content or try and keep up with the faster players.