Friday, January 15, 2010

News from the Front 1/15

This week in WAR saw the return of dev posts to the official forums!  There were a number of bug fix confirmations which are always welcome.  I started up a Warrior Priest but most of my time is still spent on my Engineer who reached RR58 yesterday.  Plenty of other stuff going on too...


  • Andy dropped by the Badlands IRC channel.  We learned 1.3.4 may hit the PTS in early February!
  • Bootae is unhappy with the current city ping-pong state of the RvR campaign.   I think it is much better than what we've had in the past.
  • Warhammer Alliance has a very interesting article at a Tome unlock chain.  There is still so much about WAR I have not seen. 
  • Mr. Meh does the math for flag capturing in the city siege.  It is pretty silly that we let the objectives reset.  
  • Blaze visits the always popular tourist attraction, Death Peaks.  And he brought home some slides!
  • Is the Endless Trial working?  Grimnir thinks so, as do I. 
  • Mmmmmm Gud gives us a Black Orcs wish list for a new year.  Not seen on the list, a muzzle.
  • Wargames and Jurassic Park, what do they have in common?  Fight on the Flag knows and has RvR pictures