Thursday, January 21, 2010

More 1.3.4 info

Yesterday we found out some details about Warhammer Online's upcoming 1.3.4 patch.  It actually caused quite a stir within the forum-going community.  Part of the problem was that the information we had did not paint a full picture.  Throughout the day, Mythic gave us some more details.

"Some of the Scenario currency will be obtainable for characters who are Rank 40 during Keep capture/defense as well as successfully winning both Stage 1 & 2 within a city's Contested state.  While the bulk of it will be obtained within Scenario play, you are also gaining it for participating in certain ORvR activities."

One major concern the community had was about the new currency only dropping in scenarios.  It turns out this was not accurate.  Scenarios will just be the primary way to obtain them.  They can be obtained by open RvR as well.

"The awards will be based on your realm's overall score.  In the case of one team farming kills and the opposing realm capturing objectives and winning the scenario, then the farmers aren't going to get as much unless they break off and try to increase their realm's score."

The currency will be awarded based on the score in scenarios, rather than just drops off of players.  Hopefully this will encourage players to win the scenario, rather than just trying to farm players.  We'll see how it goes, as you can get to 500 by farming or capturing the objectives in some scenarios.

Overall I am on board with the 1.3.4 patch.  A lot of players have been wanting more of an emphasis on small group combat and scenarios give us just that.  I'm not too worried about the whole premade issue.  If the new weapons make scenarios more popular, we are going to have a heck of a lot more pug players as well.