Thursday, January 14, 2010

WAR gets personal

In a good way that is.  One of the new features of Warhammer Online is the new user experience.  They consolidated the starting areas and automatically place new players into a default guild.  So far it has been very effective as players are introduced to RvR pretty quickly.  Mythic did take it another step though.

Often times you can find a Mythic person (support?) hanging out in the guild channel.  It is great for new players to see Mythic in the game while they play.  Not only can basic questions be answered,  it gives the impression that they do indeed care.

My new Warrior Priest is still in the default guild (Forces of Order) and I may just leave him there.  It fosters a nice sense of community and I do like to help out sometimes.  The guild is not really meant for permanent residence as it is forever at Guild Rank 2 so we will see how long I can go without guild scrolls.

NOTE:  That is not me in the chat window :)