Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Keg End ends

Yesterday, WAR's Keg End live event was shut down. Overall I thought it was an excellent event.  I completed all of the tasks but the Keg Handler pet eluded me.  Ah well, I guess my trusty hound will remain by my side.  So, what did I like about the event?

Last years Keg End event was not one of WAR's best.  It was way too grindy for me. They seem to have listened and this time around it was much more fun.  Most of it was RvR focused as well.

One of my favorite pieces of the event was the reemergence of the Black Fire Basin scenario.  I had completely forgotten that it had been changed to a single flag game.  It was action packed nearly all of the time. I'm actually sorry to see it go.

The Party Kegs were a great idea.  When used, players who clicked on it would gain a short Morale increase buff.  The more you used the keg, the more powerful it became.  Eventually you could drop a huge keg which gave a 400% morale increase for 10 seconds.  I thought it was a very fun mechanic.

Of course, players are always an unknown variable.  Due to an oversight by Mythic, the Kegs could be used as barricades.  While they made the large kegs destroyable by your enemy, friendly's could still be trapped inside buildings by a well placed keg.

I mostly blame the players for the keg issue.  Sure Mythic should have prevented it, but come on.  No one is making you be a jerk and put that keg in a doorway.  How about we have some personal responsibility?

The giants in the RvR lakes were also a nice touch.  Those suckers were big!  They were also the ones who would drop that Keg Handler pet sometimes.  Sadly I was only able to kill a couple of them.  My Engineer is not the best at soloing heroes, so I had to rely on groups.  It isn't a big deal though, it's just a vanity pet.

I still miss last years Halloween event.  There was a PQ in one of the RvR lakes that had you kill 100 enemies.  When you did, a Hero mob would spawn, which you had to take down while fighting off of your opponents.  Hopefully we will see something like that again.