Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One to beam up

Today marks the start of Star Trek Online's Open Beta.  In a few short weeks the game will be launching.  This will be the first look at the game for a lot of players.  I am expecting to see a mixed reaction ranging from joy to loathing.  Where do I stand?  Read on for the answer and a quick video.

You should know, I like Star Trek.  So the setting already puts me in the positive regarding the game.  I'm also not a tyrant when it comes to the canon.  STO lets me fly around in a spaceship (i.e. the Enterprise) and encounter all sorts of aliens from the show and some new ones.   I like the graphics, the feel of flying your ship around and even the ground combat. 

Is the game perfect?  Not at all.  It could stand a month or two more of development.  Klingons really got the shaft too.  Usually I'm a PvP fan, but I have no desire to do that in STO.  Maybe someday I will, but it feels feels too much like Monster Play.

This was just a quick overview of my STO thoughts.   Over the next couple weeks I will cover them more in depth.  I will also have some more videos, but I wanted to wait for Open Beta to take the footage.