Friday, January 29, 2010

News from the Front 1/29

The newsletter for January is out for WAR Europe, and has some interesting news.  Hopefully the NA version will arrive today.  Personally, I spread my game time around a bunch of alts this week.  The 1.3.4 patch is coming up real soon and might be on PTS next week.


  • Scurvy Dogs has been confirmed!  This live event will include a new scenario, The Ironclad.  It is a 6 vs 6 map and offers 25% more medallions.  Looks like it set to run over a weekend.  No word on when or how often we will see the new event.
  • WAR's Valentine's Day event, Night of Murder, will be running from February 10th through the 17th.  It now features a head on a pike.
  • Blog the Witch discovers how much fun premades can be.  I too was surprised how addicting they can be.
  • Shadow WAR battles it out in Kadrin Valley.  I like this zone too, although the warcamps are about as far away from each other as they can be. 
  • I see that Mr. Meh has a bit of Alt addiction.  His case is not as severe as mine as I have only 1 character slot left :(
  • Blaze whips out his E-Peen.
  • Gaarawaar has released a guide on finding hidden treasures in the Land of the Dead.  I had no idea that these even existed.  Those cloaks are crazy!
  • Bootae wonders how often city sieges should take place.  I would be most like example #3.  And he's right, whatever Mythic decides, someone will not be happy. 
  • Fight on the Flag gets some Warlord gear.  Also has a couple of nice looking RvR pictures. 
  • One Shard finished up reading a Warhammer book.  Not sure what these books he speaks of are, some new kind of new MMO?
  • Grimnir wants to see more items available on token vendors.  So do I.