Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Coming Soon to WAR: Scurvy Dogs

A few days ago, I was searching for information in order to upgrade my Fight Finder add-on.  During the search I stumbled upon some evidence of new content for WAR.  Read on for some details about WAR's new Live Event, Scurvy Dogs.

In the November Producer's Letter, Jeff mentioned a brand new live event with the not-so-subtle hint of 'yarrr.'  A pirate themed event seemed like a pretty good bet.  From my poking around, I found references to an upcoming event called Scurvy Dogs.  It even has the following description:
"The seas run with blood! Dwarf ironclads, steaming out of Barak Varr, carry legions of blood-mad Slayers to raid and plunder the enemy's ships and ports. Meanwhile, Orc sea-hulks, loaded with Choppa freebooters, have ambushed the Dwarfs in the Black Gulf, and the sea is choked with the carcasses of the dead!"
It appears that the Scurvy Dogs event will showcase a brand new scenario called 'The Ironclad.'  As you might expect, this scenario will take place on a Dwarf warship.
"Board the Ironclad and seize the vital Central Gangway! Crush your enemies over and over again and throw their broken bodies into the cold, dark sea! Swear your foulest pirate oaths at member of each and every career! Avast!"

I did ask Mythic for comment, but got the expected response of: "We have no comment on in development and unannounced future content."

There is a chance that this is inaccurate or even something that we will never see.  I'm leaning towards it being true though.  Fighting on a ship?  Sign me up.  I'm happy to see something new coming along, too bad I could not find a release date.