Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Werit goes Camping

Fallen Earth introduced Camping in yesterdays 1.2 'Social' patch.  Using the new Construction skill, you can create semi-permanent structures in the game world.  Of course I had to check this out, so I went on a camping trip.

My first stop was Embry Crossroads to visit the new Construction Trainer.  We chatted a bit and I bought the first of three skill books.  After some reading, I had some new recipes.

My skill started at 9, so I got to work making Wooden Supports. They are used for the more advanced camps.  So what do these camps do?
  • Campfire Bundle:  Gives you a stamina regeneration bonus.
  • Pup Tent Bundle:  Gives you a health regen bonus which improves over time.
  • Firing Range Bundle: Gives you a bonus to Firearm skills. 
  • Training Dummy Bundle: Gives you a bonus to Melee, Melee Defense and Dodge.
All bonuses (buffs) seem to last for an hour so far. The camps only persist for a certain amount of time, in the case of the Campfire, it was 30 minutes.

After a while, I got my Construction skill up to 15.  It was time to make a Campfire Bundle!

I hopped on my trusty steed and went off into the wilderness looking for a spot to camp.  You can't just camp anywhere;  uneven ground, npc's and monsters all restrict where your camp can be placed.  It took me a few minutes, but I found a nice spot and used the camp.

When close to the camp, the buff is applied to you and continuously refreshed.  The one applied by this most basic camp was:

When it comes time to leave, you can click on the camp giving the option to deconstruct it.  This option DESTROYS the camp.  It seems like these are one shot items.  They aren't terribly difficult to construct, but they are not free either.  You should make it count when you put up a camp.

Seems like a very neat addition to the game so far.  The more advanced camp's provide a lot more than just buff's.  This was just a piece of the patch, a winter event and taverns were also introduced.

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