Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Night

Keg End isn't the only holiday event in town.  I've also been playing Fallen Earth and their First Night Event.  I was hoping to put together a video but decided against it.  I still have not found a way to make watching me going after resource nodes exciting.  I do have some nice pictures though.

The main focus of the event (at least where I am) is to do some quests for S.A.N.T.A (Seasonal Arctic Network of Toy-based Altruism).  So far they are mostly kill or gathering quests.  Once completed, you get some experience points, candy canes and a gift package.

The rewards are pretty good and have amusing descriptions.  Who wouldn't like a 5% speed bonus?  You can also turn in your unopened gift boxes for a chance at a White Top Hat.  You still get other stuff if you don't win the 'prize.'

As Wes mentioned, we do get to kill some Elves!  Well, E.L.F.S, but still, they want to wreck First Night and we just can't have that.

One of the rewards is a Dirt Man Assembly Kit.  I don't see any snow around here, do you?  This guy costs 7 Candy Canes and looks pretty cool.  Grimy the Dirt Man is a fairy tail they say....

It has been a fun event.  I especially like that those E.L.F.S have useful drops and experience points.  Not only am I getting some nice food but also crafting materials.

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way... Oh what fun it is to ride... with a one-horse soap, and slay!

Fallen Earth