Friday, December 11, 2009

!work - 12/11

It's been a fun week for gaming.  Both WAR and WoW released some patches, which is likely keeping a bunch of gamers busy.  For those of us stuck at work, that is little comfort.  At least we can read about other people having fun.

Grimnir put out a huge guide to WAR free trial twinking.  It's got a bunch of tips and a few lair videos. 

Keen visits Allods Online and returns with a dangerous video

Spinks takes on a bunch of dungeons due to the new LFD. 

Syncaine tells a story of peril on the high seas. 

Crafting in the Dark Ages (of Camelot).

Shiver my (me) Timbers!

Tis the season for Christmas lists.  Here is one, another and another!