Monday, December 28, 2009

Part Time Klingon

Big Star Trek Online news recently; Klingons will only have PvP content (sorta).  I am actually torn about how I feel about this announcement.  This isn't exactly original, as Lord of the Rings Online's Monster Play sounds very similar.

As it is a Monday, I am going to start with the down side.  One of the major problems with LoTRO's similar implementations is that PvP is not a priority for Turbine.  The PvMP (Player versus Monster Player) was put in as a diversion and another way to earn Destiny Points.  While it has received some content, like a raid dungeon, compared to the rest of the game it has lagged behind.

In the most recent expansion (Siege of Mirkwood) the Monster Players only had their level increased to keep up with the player characters.  It could be that Cryptic will place a priority on PvP, but most of what we've heard about makes me think it is primarily a PvE game.

Another issue will be population.  Every player will have a Federation character while only a segment will have a Klingon.  LoTRO ran into the issue of players hopping on their monster character to gather intelligence, then hopping back on their freep (Free Peoples, Player Character).  It was eventually solved with a lockout timer.

Ok, that is enough negativity, on to the good!  I really liked LoTRO's Monster Play.  Prior to it, I never really liked PvP in a MMO.  Now look at me, I'm a PvP junkie.  I never really played my Hobbit burglar again and was always on my monster.  However, it soon became apparent that it was not a priority for Turbine and I had to look elsewhere for my PvP fix.  That is what led me to WAR.

Looking at it from a lore perspective, it would seem to be a great fit.  Klingons are not really known for helping poor colonists out when in a jam.  They like to fight, talk about fighting, sing about fighting and so on.  Seems like that is what they will be doing in the game.

This post has run a bit long for a Monday, so I'll leave you with one more thing.

Romulans > Klingons.

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