Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A belated gift

Yesterday was a rough day in WAR.   It just so happened I kept running into organized Destruction groups (premades) and got trounced.  We were not organized, so it was our fault.  To seek refuge, I joined a keep defense.  We repelled the attack and I got a late gift from Santa.

A Royal Crest!  For those that are nor familiar with WAR, Royal Crests are the highest tier token in the game.  They can be traded in for Sovereign gear if you have a high enough Renown Rank.  My rank is 57, so I won't be getting that gear anytime soon.

These crests are pretty rare.  I have been playing since day one and this is the first one I have received.  The second highest tier is Warlord, which I have a single crest for too.

The neat thing about tokens is that you can break them down into lower tiers.  For example, the Royal Crest is worth:  5 Warlord -> 25 Invader -> 125 Conqueror -> 625 Officer.

My dilemma is, should I break down this crest?  I currently have 3 pieces of Invader gear and 27 invader crests.  What I lack are the Officer medallions.  Broken down, the Royal Crest, could allow me to buy 2 or 3 more pieces of Invader right now. 

Unless major changes are made to the end game, I don't see myself getting sovereign gear for at least a year.  Until then, it would just be sitting in my inventory doing nothing.  Too bad I can't earn interest on it.

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