Thursday, December 24, 2009

!work - Holiday Edition

Christmas eve has to be the longest day of the year when you're at work.  I likely will not be posting again until next week, so everyone have a great holiday.  Here is some stuff to do instead of watching the clock.

Back to the Dark Age has a new project, 'While you were Mezzed'.  You can see the patch note history of any class, to help you get reacquainted to the game.

By way of Grimnir, there is a new WAR stats site (sorta like WAR heap).  The site gives very detailed population info, very interesting. 

Tirew is not your traditional Santa Clause.

Gratuitous Space Battles has a new patch on the way.

Mykiel has a few video podcasts which are nice.  Watch WAR while he goes over some of the latest happenings. 

MMORPG has a beta report on the kind of missions (quests) you may encounter in Star Trek Online.  I will be playing STO on launch day :)

Did you know Fallen Earth has Public Quests (Town Events)?  Check out an article on them.