Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What WAR Needs

I think it is safe to say most WAR players want Mythic to release an expansion soon.  I happen to agree, so I figured it would be a great time to settle into my recliner and put on the Armchair Game Designer hat.  What does WAR need to do in a hypothetical expansion?

More Renown Ranks.   Currently the RR cap is 80 and a bunch of players have reached it.  In an expansion, this cap should be raised by 20 to 100.  What good is RR if there isn't anything interesting at the end?  Along with new bonuses, I think a new tactic slot would be an excellent reward. 

A fifth career tactic would be nice, but it may also be unbalancing.  Another Renown or Tome tactic slot may be the way to go.  When expanding the RR cap you must keep all the low level folks in mind.  In order to help them keep up, I envision a new loot drop which gives X amount of renown.  This could be given to alts or low level players to help them catch up.

More Guild Ranks.  The Guild cap is presently 40 and a number of guilds are already there or close to it.  Twenty more ranks is a large expansion, but I have something special in mind for these ranks.  More on that later.

New Crafting.  I think a new type of crafting should be added to the mix.  Perhaps Weapon or Armor crafting?  Whatever it is, it should continue to embrace WAR's philosophy of being useful and accessible. 

New RvR Zones.  This is the big feature of the expansion.  Four new zones, which are fully RvR enabled, would be added and linked to form a square.  As for the theme, it doesn't really matter.  The important part is what is in the zones. 

The new RvR zones would be populated with guild claimable objectives.  Unlike the city campaign, these would be claimed until your enemy defeats you.  A couple examples of objectives would be Keeps for large guilds and camps (towers) for smaller ones.  The only rewards for capturing/holding these objectives would go to the claiming guild.

Keeping the rewards for guilds only is very important.  It would hopefully discourage zergs, as only one guild  will get anything out of it.  This form of Guild RvR should round out WAR nicely. 

  • Realm vs Realm: City Campaign
  • Guild vs Guild: New RvR Zones
  • Small Group: Land of the Dead
These objectives should help guilds through the twenty new Guild Ranks. I could even see them provide a new alternate form of advancement (i.e. Prestige Ranks).

New Dungeon.  While I don't run dungeon's much, they can be pretty fun.  Perhaps it can be in the new RvR zones.  Of course, it would be invade-able.

You will notice I don't mention any new classes.  We finally have something approaching balance, so lets not rush into shaking things up quite yet.   Same goes for a 3rd realm.  While I would love to see one, it just isn't realistic.  Hopefully Mythic is working on something.