Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Keg End... Begins

Today marks the star of WAR's winter event, Keg End.  There are fireworks to set off, Giants to slay and Ale to drink.  As always, some nice rewards to be had, which are different than the previous years event.  Read on the for the task list and some of the rewards.

The list doesn't look too shabby.  Should be able to get the Elite reward without a huge amount of work (unlike last year).

The basic reward looks to be a trophy.  Mmmm Troll tears.

Now this reward is pretty cool. Boosting your morale is always welcome, and it grow stronger the more you use it.  Much like the Event slot items, it has a decay timer.  Looks like this will get us up to New years.  Great idea.

And last but not least, the Event Slot item.   

I'm looking forward to getting on there tonight and finding some Giants!  Hopefully I can procure one of the new rare drop Ale hauling pets too.  We shall see.