Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1.3.3 Patch Notes

Last night, WAR's 1.3.3 patch notes were posted.  Back when 1.3.3 was announced it was billed as a bug fixing and polish patch.  They accomplished that goal, as there are quite a few bug fixes.  They also managed to add a couple neat features with this patch.

Recently, I talked a bit about WAR's December plans, which includes 3 of the big features in this patch: Underdog, WAR Report and Graphical updates.  The basic gist of the Underdog system is the realm that loses their city will have a smaller victory point requirement and quicker Tier 4 timers.  I'm not sure if this will help underpopulated realms compete, but we will see when it hits live.

Now on to the fixes!

Damage dealt by Morale abilities will now correctly remove Stagger.

This is a good thing, being unable to move while someone tee's off a morale on you can hurt quite a bit.

Resolute Defense: This ability will now defend against Morale-based crowd control effects.

I always forget to use this ability.  I'm sure some players, who are better than I, use it... I need to start.

Ravage: Fixed an issue which caused this ability to gain too much damage from stats.

Yay!  Getting beat down by 2h Chosen for 1k+ damage was a bit much.

The Healing Boon, Defensive Boon, Merchant's Gift, and Artisan's Gift buffs associated with the capture of Battlefield Objectives have been removed from the game.

This is an interesting change.  While I don't think the buffs were very useful, I am surprised they were removed from the game. Might it be in preparation of a another change involving forts?  We will see I guess.

Fixed issues that caused the Bonus Renown and Experience values to not calculate correctly on the scenario scoreboard.

I've always wondered about the numbers on the Scoreboard.   Glad to see this fixed.

Sovereign Trinkets will now drop from players as intended. 

I can't use them yet, but it would be sweet to get some as loot. Of course with the auto-loot system, I rarely even see what we are rolling on anymore.

An issue was fixed that caused Player Armor Bits not to drop in RvR. These should once again be dropping rarely from player kills.

I have no idea what Player Armor bits are.  

All Ordinance-purchased siege weapons and consumables have had their respective costs reduced.

It would be great if these weapons were cheap enough to be used.  I'll have to login to PTS and check out the prices.

adjustments have been made to the Mythic Tomb King merchant weapons

Looks like LotD weapon's received a few fixes and buffs.   Check out the notes for which ones were involved.

Those are just a handful of changes that caught my eye.  be sure to go check out the full notes, as there are plenty more.  Now that 1.3.3 is on it's way out, I wonder when the next Producer's note will be?

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