Monday, November 30, 2009

DAoC Interview with Mark Davis

Rancid, over at Back to the Dark Age, had a chance to talk with Dark Age of Camelot's new Producer, Mark Davis (WAR Live Events producer).  DAoC isn't in the news much, so it is nice to see some new information come out about it.

BttDA on Expansions.  UO showed that you’re never too old for an expansion.  Many consider UO and DAoC in the same “maintenance” mode right now, and that no new development is going on.  Can you dispel that rumor?  Are plans for an expansion in the works?

MD: We have new development going on all the time for Camelot, though not necessarily in the form of a boxed retail expansion.  The question is, what’s best for the game?  Does Camelot need another expansion?  Possibly, however it’s not what we’re working on currently. That being said, it could be something we do in the future.

Go read the full interview!