Monday, November 2, 2009

What Aion can learn from WAR

Last week, I made a post discussing what WAR can learn from Aion.  Performance, Crafting, PvP and the economy were all included.  That doesn't mean Aion is perfect in those areas.  There is always room for improvement and WAR does have some good ideas.

WAR is currently my most played game.  While it has its faults there is a lot that it does right. 

  • Leveling.  Aion, when compared to WAR (and WoW), has a very long leveling process.  This is also a mostly PvE experience (due to reasons we'll see below).  In addition to a shorter road to max level, WAR gives players the ability to level via PvE and PvP, which really helps break up the grind.
  • Crafting.  Aion's crafting is a long grind.  They don't try to hide it, as the work order encourages afk/bot play.  In WAR, maxing out your trade-skills is easy.  Once you reach the top the stuff (potions ,talismans)  you make is useful rather than doing it all for a single item.
  • PvP.  The rifts are a neat idea, but they are not frequent or a reliable source of PvP.  The Abyss, which is the primary pvp area, is really only for high level characters.  The bolster system in WAR would be a very nice addition as it helps make the playing field more level.  In the Abyss, high level players would still have an advantage (gear and levels) but a bolster system would make it more competitive.
  • Customer Service.  Now that gold SPAM is under control (mostly), Aion needs to do something about bots.  I am still surprised by their numbers.  With a long grind to 50, seeing bots make me wonder why am I bothering?  If you enjoy the PvE experience that last bit probably doesn't apply. 
Those are four points which I think Aion can take away from WAR.  The most important to me is the PvP.  I don't mind losing but at least give me a chance.  Being able to actually level in the Abyss would be a lot of fun.  Of course, I'd try and level mostly via PvP from the beginning if I could.