Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to buy Dragon Age: Origins

Maybe I'm alone but buying Dragon Age is pretty complicated.  There are standard editions, collectors editions and digital deluxe version.   You can buy it online or in stores and most of the time what you get is different.  Hopefully this post can help you decide how best to buy DA:O.

The best choice, in my opinion is to buy the Digital Deluxe version.  With this package you get:

  • Memory Band : Adds +1% to XP, Adds one skill point
  • Stone Prisoner DLC.  All retail and download versions include this.  Download versions will get the code emailed to them. LINK
  • Wardens Keep DLC:  Only Digital Deluxe versions get this.  Otherwise it will cost ~$7 to obtain. LINK
  • Blood Dragon Armor:  Included for all versions.
  • Bergen's Honor (item): A  helmet which adds  +2 to armor, +25 physical resistance, +6 to attack
  • Grimoire of the Frozen Wastes (item): A special book that adds +3 to all attribute
  • Final Reason (item): A magical staff of immense power which adds to damage, spell power, and fire damage
Each site has slighty different unique items to offer.
  • Direct2Drive: Dalish Ring Stats: Increased effectiveness of healing effects, Subtract damage from darkspawn attacks, Increase combat health regeneration. LINK
  • Steam:  The Wicked Oath (Ring): Adds +10% to critical strike damage , Improves armor penetration by 2 , Adds +1 to combat stamina regeneratio. LINK
  • EA Store: Band of Fire (Ring): Adds to Stamina, Adds to fire resist ,Adds to spirit resist. LINK
  • GameStop: No item listed.  LINK
  • GamersGate: No item listed. LINK
  • Impulse: No item listed. LINK
The big question for digital downloads is whether or not you can pre-load them before the release date.  If not you may not get to play on Tuesday.
  • Steam: Yes, starting November 1st sometime.  LINK
  • Direct2Drive: Yes, Novemember 1st at 10am PST. LINK
  • EA Store: Yes, Unknown when. LINK 
  • GameStop: Unknown. LINK  
  • GamersGate: No pre-load. LINK
  • Impulse: Unknown. LINK