Friday, October 30, 2009

WAR unveils a new Free Trial

In this months newsletter, Mythic announced that they have made some changes to their 10-Day Free trial.  At first the news worried me a little, but the more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded.  Once it goes live, it will be a great time to try out WAR.  Read on for more details. 

"We’ll soon be lifting the 10-day restriction on our Free Trial! You'll be able to enjoy the trial experience and New User Journey for as long as you like!"

There you have it,  there will be no time limit on the free trial.  Instead, you are limited to the first tier.  I do have to admit, at first this made me think WAR might be in trouble.  However,  this really isn't all that different than the 10 day trial.

Getting to Rank 12 in 10 days is not very difficult, so I suspect many who play the trial and like it reach that limit.  By taking the 10 day restriction off of the trial, it gives everyone the time to get hooked.  Tier 1 is still a very fun experience.  I was playing my Rank 7 Slayer yesterday and there was plenty of action.  Multiple PQ's were being played and a lot of RvR was going on.

The quote in the newsletter is light on some details though.  Can you make as many classes as you want?  Can free trial players use the apprentice system?  Do buddy passes qualify as well?  I'm sure we'll get these answers soon.

While my first reaction was to worry, I think this is a very good idea for WAR.  The New User Journey and the fun of Tier 1 RvR should get players hooked and hopefully for Mythic, subscribed.  I don't think this new trial is active yet, but stay tuned.

Thanks to spinks for pointing this out to me.