Friday, October 16, 2009

Producer's Letter - What was missing

The Producer's Letter released yesterday was pretty good.  It will be a much needed patch even if it doesn't get players all excited.  There are a few things that I would have loved to seen in the letter.  Hopefully they will be realized in an upcoming patch.

Fortresses.  Now that fortress are out of the city campaign, they don't really have a purpose.  Mythic has hinted they have some ideas for them, but still no word about what they are.

Small Group Content.  This is perhaps the biggest issue for me.  There is really nothing for 1 - 3 players to do in the RvR lakes.  There are many times where I don't want to run in a warband but there is no alternative.

Land of the Dead.  If you remove the gated nature of the LotD, you may be able to solve the above issue.  Also, I hope this gets a pass in the bug and polishing effort.

Expansion.  I don't even want concrete details.  An  indication that one is coming will give players something to look forward to.  Expansions are exciting, well at least to me they are.

So that is my short list of things I wanted to hear about in the Producer's Letter.