Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WAR PvP video 1.3.2

In preparation of tonight's PTS event for WAR, I logged in to get all patched up.  After patching I thought I'd look around and see what was going on.  The map showed some action in Reikland so that seemed like a good place to start.  I took some video of the fight, it's after the break.

Mythic is touting some performance improvements in this patch and it looks like they are right.  During the battle my FPS didn't drop below 50.  Of course, this isn't a large scale conflict, but it was smooth none the less.  The responsiveness of the actions was also very nice.  Coming from Aion, I expected to notice some sort of lag, but I did not.

Direct Link

Tonight's event should be the real performance test.  I'm not expecting miracles but I hope it is a bit better.  Let's face it, large scale battles are a very tough problem.  Even in Aion, players lag and crash when large numbers are fighting at the same spot.

Looking good Mythic!