Monday, October 19, 2009

Werit at WAR 10/19

In this week's 'Werit at WAR' segment I decided to try something new.  As I'm on a video kick, I recorded some of the action I saw this weekend.  Most of the clips end up with me dying though.  I also made up a new title sequence, so let me know what you think.

Direct Link.

I played a fair amount and had a lot of fun.  Spreading my time across multiple characters is what works for me now, so why fight it.  My Ironbreaker, Hoplon, is only 30 but still pretty fun to play.  Badlands did suffer multiple city sieges, but I only saw the tail end of one.

Despite reports of lag in the city, I had no issues running at High settings.  It seems like the performance we saw on PTS is indeed carrying over to the live servers.   I'm looking forward to the Daemon Moon Event this week so expect some coverage of that too.