Thursday, October 8, 2009

WAR for Everyone

Another one of the features coming to WAR in the 1.3.2 patch is an apprenticeship system.  Due to the always entertaining chicken system, higher ranked players are forbidden from participating in lower tier RvR.  It also isn't feasible for lower ranked players to participate in higher tier RvR.  With this new system,  all of that should now be possible.

The 1.3.2 patch is shaping up to be quite a change for WAR.  Currently,  players are pretty much restricted to the tiers that they are in.  Playing with people makes WAR a lot more exciting and apprentice system will go a long way to making this the case all of the time.

"The new Apprentice system allows players of differing Ranks to play together, whether battling it out in RvR or aiding your Realm's war effort in quests and Public Quests. Just click on another player's portrait in the group or Warband window and choose the "Make Apprentice" option, and that player will be scaled to your Rank, no matter whether they're a higher or lower Rank than you are."

Many apprentice/mentoring systems only allow higher ranked players to lower themselves, but not WAR.  They will allow lower ranked players to also be raised.  That is what has me the most excited.  When I'm playing my alts, I don't really care much about the current tiers RvR.  What does it matter?  I just want to get to tier 4 where the real action is.

There is one aspect of the system that is disappointing.  It seems that players will not be able to queue for scenarios unless they are available at their original rank.  If the scaling is done correctly, then I'm not sure why this should be disallowed.  It could be that the scaled players provide an unfair advantage or disadvantage to the team.

Despite the scenario issue, I expect this system to be a boon for players.  Allowing everyone to play together across the game will be great for morale.  If there is some good RvR in Tier 2, anyone can get involved so long as they can get in the a group.

I wonder what long term effects this will have on the game.  Eventually they could make lower tiered lands useful for higher ranked players similar to what Everquest 2 is doing.  If they removed the group requirement, it would be a step towards getting rid of levels completely.

NOTE:  It seems Mythic is holding off on the downward apprenticing.  Players are worried that it will be abused by organized Tier 4 players.  There is also a concern about it taking action away from Tier 4.  It's tough to predict one way or the other in my opinion.  However, taking things slow with a new idea is usually a good idea.  Thanks Rad.