Thursday, October 15, 2009

WAR Siege Video 1.3.2 Part 2

In Part 1 of the 1.3.2 PTS Siege Event we saw Order on the offensive.  Performance was very good, but the video did not really show the true scale of the Destruction force.  In Part 2,  Order is defending the keep.  This actually happened prior to the first part.  Did performance hold up inside the keep?

In this video, my graphics were set for Fastest Framerate.  There is no real reason why, other than being curious how it would run.  In Part 1 we saw that WAR ran well at Balanced settings.  You will notice some lag when Destruction leaves their warcamp.  It only lasts for a few seconds.

Direct Link.

Overall the performance was very good in the keep.  It is nice to at least be able to see the wrecking ball of Destruction about to hit me.   I do wish I had tried out the High settings, maybe I'll do that on the live servers.

Patch 1.3.2 will hit live servers today!

The specs of the recording system are:

Windows 7 x64
2.66ghz Quad Core
4gb RAM
8800GT video card
7200 rpm HD for game
128gb SSD for Fraps output