Friday, October 9, 2009

Passing the time

Another Friday is upon us.  What better way to help the day go by faster than surfing the web?

This week on Werit we saw...

Warhammer Online gets a new beginning.
We watched many a ship be blown up in Gratuitous Space Battles
Cliff Harris came by to chat about said space ships blowing up.
We learned about WAR's plan to get everyone involved in RvR... well almost everyone. 


Syp tells us what Star Trek Online should learn from Champions Online.
Guess who's back? JoBildo's back!
Syncaine tells the tale of how they lost a city.
Triumph at the Star Wars opening.  Yea it's old but still hilarious.
Grimnir  discovers the long sought after WAR poems.

Have a good weekend!