Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fallen Earth Freebies

Another 3 post day, I'm turning into Syp.  I just can't help myself though, there is so much game stuff to talk about!  Out of nowhere, an email from the Fallen Earth team arrived.  It was a nice coincidence as I was in game catching up on my crafting.

To show their appreciation, they are giving players 5 Clone Supercharge Shots.  These buffs give +10  to all stats for an hour and persist through death.

They also announced another addition to their Days of the Dead event.  All subscribers will get a Troopers Gas mask on Halloween.   It is a Level 10 item with a very low Armor use requirement of 9.  Heck, my Farmers Hat takes 21 points. 

 Great stuff, thanks Fallen Earth!