Friday, November 13, 2009


Recently, I have come down with a case of MMO envy.  I had hoped yesterday's WAR Producer's Letter would have alleviated it but it did not.  In fact, the letter did not do much of anything except tell us what we already knew.

It is widely known that EA is cutting many jobs, Mythic included.  First, we had the PR form letter from Jeff Hickman.  That is to be expected though. so no big deal.  Next up was the Producer's Letter from Jeff Skalski.  This is usually where the good info awaits.

Compared to his previous letters it was rather short.  99% of the information was already known, the 1% was a new Live Event coming next year which seems to be pirate themed.  The rest was just stuff that already happened or we already knew.

Speaking of live events, the guy (Mark Davis)  responsible is now the new DAoC Producer.  Congrats Mark?

I am starting to get envious of other MMO's.  Let's take a look at what some of WAR's peers are up to.

WAR had a great first year, they introduced 4 classes and the Land of the Dead.  I don't expect that kind of pace to continue, but right now there is nothing on the horizon.  Part of the reason I like MMO's is that they expand as time goes on.  A stagnant MMO is not usually a fun MMO.

Don't get me wrong, I like what WAR has planned in the near future.  Bug fixing and polishing is always welcome.  The underdog system is desperately needed as well.  None of them are very exciting though and I think players need something to look forward to.

Even if whatever they have planned is 9 months away, some hint or tease would be nice. The best way to counter bad news (layoffs) is with good news.  If none is to be had, what are players supposed to think about the future of the game?

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