Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's so civil about Galactic Civil War anyway

One of the major things missing from Star Wars: Galaxies has been any kind of meaningful galactic Civil War.  Sure, you could fight those evil rebels (weren't they the bad guys?) but it was largely inconsequential. All that is about to change, because the next update is all about the GCW.

In the latest Producer's Note, we learn a bit about the upcoming update.  While the specifics aren't there we do know that Imperials and rebels will fight over territory on planets, eventually taking the planet.  No clue how neutral's fit in... I would guess they don't since they are neutral.

The actual fighting will be PvE and PvP based.  From the screenshots, it shows npc forces battling back and forth.  You're able to assist them by fighting, entertaining or crafting defenses.  The note says every profession can participate. It sorta feels like the approach WAR took.  All aspects of the gameplay contributed to locking the zone. 

Don't worry pilots, they did say you too will have a place in the war.  No detail were given though.

I didn't see anything about what happens when one faction controls an area/planet.  In any case, this will certainly spice things up.