Friday, November 20, 2009

Dawntide Update

It has been a little while since I posted about the new sandbox MMO in development, Dawntide.  Turns out they have been pretty busy and the game is coming along nicely.  As there is no NDA,so  I can post what is new.  Read on for the latest news.

Today I received a status update from the development team.  They are currently in the 2nd phase of beta and have had the following changes:

A couple more weeks have passed in phase 2 of Beta.  In case you haven't
been following the forums, here are the last two weeks worth of patches and

November 11th
- Fixed a bug that was causing stats to reset to 20 (stats will be restored
from a Nov 7th backup later tonight for those that were affected)
- Fixed bugs related to perk ownership
- Fixed autograss display when switching cells
- Improved armor swapping code
- Wielded weapons will now show up on both your own character and other
players characters
- Improved saving mechanics to reduce database bloat
- Improved AI to cause less of a strain on the server
- Fixed some bugs related to resistances
- Fixed coloring on autograss

November 18th
- Fixed a large number of crashes introduced in last week's patch
- Fixed a problem that was making NPCs non-interactable
- Added a warning for cards not supporting Shader Model 3.0
- Fixed some bugs with your character's animations
- Fixed a possible crash during immediate logoff
- Fixed NPC aggro, NPCs will now attack players if their AI is set to do so

Here is what we are planning for the next couple of weeks:

- Make all spells and perks functional
- Roll out new terrain
- Introduce new revamped graphics for characters
- Expand tradeskills such as alchemy greatly
- Add npc factions

WAIsoft is committed to building the best game out there and we cannot do
that without your help.  Please continue to make suggestions on the forums,
enter bugs into Mantis, and enjoy your time while playing.

The game is really coming together and I hope to have some more coverage of it in the coming weeks. They also revamped their webpage which is a nice improvement.