Friday, November 6, 2009

Fallen Earth Friday

It has been a crazy week for gaming.  I've played Torchlight, WAR, Dragon Age, GSB and a little Fallen Earth.  The Halloween Event ended but I did manage to get my shotgun.  Sadly, I am not skilled enough to use it yet.  I do have some pictures of some other stuff though.

All players were given a gas mask, you know, the traditional Halloween gift.  It came with a nice warning label from the manufacturer.

I did manage to try it on.  It looks, um, interesting. 

The final gift from Icarus was a gigantic set of patch notes.  They are much too big to post in their entirety, so I will pick some of the neat changes.

Changed the PvP anti-griefing debuff. Players will no longer receive the debuff when they kill a player under the minimum level for a PvP zone.

This should prevent groups from using a low level character to weaken their opponents.  

Updated the tree textures to unload when not in use.

Less textures means less memory use, yay!

Increased the drop rate of scrap fasteners from low level scavenging nodes. 

More stuff? yes please.

Added Sector Vaults outside the Embry bank and made the interior so vehicles and horses cannot go inside.

This will be nice, since mounts do not just disappear.

Enlarged Nature nodes to improve their visibility.  

Very nice, sometimes the plants were tough to find amongst all of the ground foliage.

Added a Feather Hat promotional item. Added Faction Shirt promo items.

Hmm, what could these be for?

And of course there were a ton of bug fixes to go along with these changes.  Most of my time in Fallen Earth lately has been crafting.  I am going the completion-ist route, so I want to get all of my tradeskills maxed before moving on.